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The stories of our students

Julien Zatar

Get ready to experience 10 intense weeks of learning, practice, and emotion! La Capsule offers you a unique experience

Richard Flageul - Batch#7

The program is very interesting and enriching and is directly related to the daily practice. The 10-week format is perfectly suited.

Olivia Tastet - Batch#3

Great Coding School I loved my experience! Very nice atmosphere and a well-crafted and intensive program

Pauline Gil - CodingWeekend#7

Excellent training in terms of courses, trainers and even the location. The program was very well thought out, it's intensive but the atmosphere is pleasant and everyone helps each other out

Guillaume Suiffet - Batch#3

Great experience. We learn a lot in a short time. The atmosphere is great

Abou Touré - Batch#4

Ludovic Verdon

A rich and intense experience that teaches us a lot. La Capsule is more than a school, it's an experience.

François Coucke - Batch#7

The atmosphere is good, the setting pleasant, and the team is very educational and attentive to its students.... We have to work hard, of course, but the result is beyond expectations

Sylvain Giachino - Batch#5

What is interesting is that the former and new students stay in touch, but the same applies to our teachers. Moreover, events are being organized to give us the opportunity to meet again!

Laureline Paris - Batch#5

Hadi Ghilas I started from scratch and today I am able to do so much.

The combination of profiles within the school creates a very rewarding community

Ludovic Verdon - Batch#2

Entrepreneurs I recommend La Capsule for a boost in your projects!

Gabriel Sportes - CodingWeekend#3

It is a break in life that gives the time to mature your professional project.

Thanh Nguyen - Batch#2

His review

Nicolas Coulon - Batch#2

Intense, responsive, experienced !

Denis Glehen - CodingWeekend#5

Alexis Jamin We're in a tailor-made formation.

His review

Hadi Ghilas - Batch#2

The atmosphere and workplace in Paris was excellent. I can only recommend

Thomas Birmingham - Batch#2

Great Batch this summer! I can now code my application in React Native myself !

Alexis Jamin - Batch#2

Willy Savetier All we're learning, the next 15 years is going to be like this!

I discovered an exciting job and met some great people.

Hadi Gilas - Batch#2

The methodology and approach are really well designed. High quality courses and advice

Michael Timsit - Batch#2

I am delighted! La Capsule will undoubtedly become the reference for learning web and mobile development.

Guillaume Barthe - Batch#1

His review

Thanh Nguyen - Batch#2

Very good practical and friendly experience

Clément Sirvente - CodingWeekend#5

Mathieu B. I would definitely recommend La Capsule which will give you good skills

His review

Marina Fernandez - Batch#1

A pedagogy and a practice of formidable effectiveness.

Mathieu B. - Batch#1

I have learned a lot and my new skills are really in demand by professionals

David Fiorinni - Batch#1

Cédric Suslec I now have the tools to get into the job market

I am very happy to have acquired so much knowledge and am proud of my personal project realized at the end of the training !

Marina Fernandez - Batch#1

The school allowed me to learn a lot of things in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cedric Estrand - Batch#1

The practice is promoted through projects inspired by small web applications while integrating tools used in start-ups.

Lenny Deumu - Batch#1

His review

David Fiorinni - Batch#1

I really liked this very concrete training, we quickly get to the heart of the matter. It is clear and well structured.

Sara Bussenot - CodingWeekend#3

Guillaume Barthe I almost wish I hadn't done it sooner !

His review

Mathieu B. - Batch#1

Thank you La Capsule! I have acquired a real plus, for my projects of tomorrow.

Anne Agier - CodingWeekend#1

Very interesting training and great instructor!

Jean-François Manière - CodingWeekend#3

David Fiorinni & Lenny Demu I learned more in 2 months than in 2 years

Noël is an expert and I really liked his pedagogy

Sébastien Gorse - Workshop#landingPage